Yup. Busting my balls on My final project. Its based over one of my flashes, Curtis and Jeffery. If you want, watch my shit.

ITs been a while. Its an animation ive actually put effort into. and im axious to add it to newgrounds already. its my best stuff so far, but eh, I got more stuff to improve on. its all good. the title of it is called Little Johnny.

It should be done in about sometime next week.

New animation almost done. AHH

Just bought a website.

2008-07-31 09:48:19 by Pete-the-poe

Rising Chicken Well, I just busted my ass for the past 3 days trying to get my shit together to get it built. Its not completely finished, but Im looking for anyone that's interested in helping make content for it.

If you like to make flashes, videos, jokes, stories, games, or anything else that falls under that category, and would like to help make content for my site, Message me, and ill fix you up with an email account for my site.

And heres a random fish to grab you attention.

Just bought a website.

New Flash Series!

2008-07-25 00:28:22 by Pete-the-poe

Curtis and friends is a new series we plan to mass produce. Hopefully two episodes every week.
Its about a hobo that lives in a cardboard box, with his best friend/pet Jeffery the rat. Along side curtis is his two best friends as well. Jc and Kevin. They live in a city where all kinds of shit happens

So be on the look out for the 1st new episode.